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Forest inventory, which records not only the basic attributes of trees, but also the forest state and the yields of the forest, provides the fundamental reference data for all decision-making that are relevant to human interventions in forest ecosystems, ranging from management decisions at the landscape scale to harvest planning in forest stands. High benefits can be obtained if quality of individual trees, indicated by attributes such as stem curve, size distribution, height of the lowest dead branch, crown base height and maximum branch diameter can be characterised, and if accuracy and spatial coverage of volume estimations can be improved. In this project, we digitalise forests and automate forest inventory methodologies using mobile laser scanning and harvester-collected data and calibrate the plot level wood quality and volume estimates. 

Funding for the project was extended for the period 1.4.2020-31.12.2022.

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mobile laser scanning
airborne laser scanning
tree quality
stem curve
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Academy of Finland
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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU