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The Uomari project develops and pilots drone-based measurement and imaging solutions related to reducing the environmental harm and risks of industrial operations, e.g. for the needs of the mining industry. In addition, we are testing drone-based measurements for stream habitat characterisation and habitat modelling to enhance stream restoration planning and restoration assessment. Moreover, we are piloting the utilization of several imaging methods for studying the condition of pond and tailings facility structures in different seasons. Finally, test data obtained with drone measurement systems and traditional measurement methods are compared, and their usability in different types of cases is investigated. As a result of the project, new cost-effective methods will be created for the mapping of riverbeds and for the control and monitoring of mine pond and dam structures. With the help of new methods, the management of environmental risks is increased both in terms of mine ponds and receiving water bodies. At the same time, new business opportunities are created for mapping and monitoring operators.


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