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Usability of the maps and their graphical interfaces, context-aware maps

By usability of a certain system or a product it is meant that specified users achieve specified goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily in a specified context of use. Maps can also be regarded as products, which should be easy to use for the users. The usability evaluation of map products is multi-disciplinary research, since the usability of screen maps is composed of different aspects: maps’ cartographic visualisation, their graphical user interface and the environment where the maps are used. The most important aspect from the usability point of view is that the map product is designed exactly for the user, who is expected to use this map for a certain purpose in a specific usage situation.

The aim of the research is to evaluate the usability of different types of map applications in the internet as well as in mobile environment. The goal is to develop further the current usability methods to better serve in evaluating the map applications, too. Furthermore, the aim is to investigate automatic adaptation in visualisation of the maps, especially for mobile devices.

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