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Apartment ownership can also be registered during summer – decisions can now be received in just over a week

The processing time of apartment ownership registrations has decreased significantly at the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS). Currently, solutions can be received within eight days on average after receiving the application. If required, processing can also be expedited if a decision is needed urgently for a housing transaction, for example.

Vanhoja koristeellisia kerrostaloja.
Riku Nikkilä

At the beginning of the year, applications had to wait for processing for roughly four months, but now the processing time has decreased to a month. However, the current median processing time is significantly shorter, approximately eight days.

In addition, the processing of ownership registration applications within the scope of the expropriation procedure is prioritised automatically. As a result, parties to a transaction can ensure that the expropriation procedure proceeds correctly.

The NLS customer service offers help in apartment-related matters during summer.

Now is the time to transfer the list of shares

The NLS encourages apartment owners to access the Residential and Commercial Property Information System, even during the summer holidays: housing companies are required to transfer their list of shares to the system by the end of 2023. Once the transfer has been completed, each shareholder must independently register their ownership in the electronic system within ten years.

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Photo: Julia Hautojärvi

For properties and leaseholds, the current processing time for ownership registrations is roughly four months. However, an automatic decision can even be obtained immediately for electronic mortgaging applications. If mortgaging is processed manually, a decision can be obtained in a month on average.

As with apartments, the processing of property applications can be expedited on appropriate grounds. The processing of expedited applications is started within two days, even during summer. Start by contacting the NLS customer service.

In property-related matters, the NLS online service and Property Transaction Service are available across Finland.

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