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Historical Topographic Databases now available as harmonised versions

The harmonised format makes it easier to use the datasets that are available in the Paituli download service.

Kartta Maastotietokannasta

The Topographic Database of the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is the only geospatial dataset that covers the whole of Finland, represents general features in our environment and is updated continuously. All of the NLS’s topographic maps, and the electronic map services and interfaces linked to them are produced on the basis of the Topographic Database. The Topographic Database is updated in cooperation between several parties, including municipalities.  

The dataset can be used to make detailed analyses of changes in land use and buildings or in various networks, including roads and power lines.  

Old versionsof the Topographic Database, starting from the year 2005, are now available over several previous years in the Paituli download service. The harmonised versions published now do not include any map sheet distribution, and their layers cover the whole of Finland. The original versions of the old datasets were found difficult to use because of their map sheet distribution. Objects cut into several pieces due to the map sheet distribution have now been combined into harmonised objects. Certain objects that are no longer maintained in the current Topographic Database’s data content were left out to make it easier to use the data with the current version.

The Topographic Database’s versions were published as part of the Geoportti research infrastructure project, whose development stage 2.0 is funded by the Academy of Finland.

The harmonised versions of the Topographic Database are available in GeoPackage format in the Paituli download service. 

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