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The National Land Survey of Finland’s sustainability report tells about acts of sustainability in 2022

The National Land Survey of Finland has published its 2022 sustainability report. The report looks at the first year of implementation of the Responsibility for the Earth sustainability programme and the progress of the 16 acts of sustainability selected for the year. It also explains other major efforts taken by the National Land Survey of Finland during the year in order to build a sustainable future.

Arto Arvilahti

“For us, sustainability means both strategic choices and concrete acts. We want to do our share in promoting the green transition and building a sustainable society. We develop sustainability as part of our operating culture and look for possibilities to integrate it with everybody’s own work. We tell about the successes and challenges of our efforts in the sustainability report,” says Maija Ilvonen, director of communications and sustainability at the National Land Survey of Finland.

The NLS’s sustainability goals are divided into four themes: data to serve society, people who feel well, sustainable environment, and sustainable way of working and economic sustainability. The acts of sustainability promoting the goals increase the handprint achieved for the good of society and reduce the footprint of our operations.

Among others, the National Land Survey of Finland increased the share of open access research publications and promoted open-source code solutions in 2022. A plan was prepared to promote diversity and inclusion, and gender-differentiated titles were given up in a title reform. An employment benefit bicycle was introduced as a new employee benefit and the sustainability of agriculture was improved through land consolidation. Sustainability expertise and procurement sustainability were also developed during the year. 

The NLS is committed to advancing a total of 50 acts of sustainability by the end of 2027 in its sustainability programme. The National Land Survey of Finland’s 2022 sustainability report published now is the ninth report of this kind. It has been published in Finnish, Swedish and English. The implementation of the sustainability programme will continue with 14 new acts of sustainability this year.

Read the National Land Survey of Finland’s sustainability report and the sustainability programme

Sustainability report 2022 (pdf)
‘Responsibility for the Earth’ sustainability programme (2022)

More information

Maija Ilvonen, Director of Communications and Sustainability

+358 50 487 1600


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