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The NLS number one among research organisations for the fourth time in succession

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) was ranked first in the Academy of Finland’s review of the impact of scientific research conducted by research organisations. The NLS improved its impact score from the previous year.

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The Academy of Finland monitors the impact of scientific research conducted by Finnish universities and research organisations in its statistics on the state of scientific research. In the recent 2023 statistics, the NLS was ranked first among Finnish research organisations when measured by the impact of scientific publications.  

The review is based on the top 10 index, which represents the number of most cited publications relative to the total publication number.

Measured by the top 10 index, the impact of the NLS was 1.56, higher than in the previous year (1.52 in 2022). The NLS was number one among research organisations for the fourth time in succession.  

Geospatial data and innovation for companies and decision makers from NASA to the Finnish forest industry

At the NLS, research is conducted by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), whose research results are used extensively. For example, research in the sector helps the Finnish forest industry save tens of millions of euros every year. As a result of cooperation, NASA is interested in technology developed in Finland. Research combines high-level science and the latest technologies to provide significant information to monitor the impact of climate change, among others.  

‘Our key goal is to conduct effective high-quality research. It provides benefits for society at large, as accurate geospatial data is required in decision making in more and more sectors,’ says Jarkko Koskinen, Professor and Deputy Director General.

Many of the world’s largest technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, Apple and Huawei, also work with geospatial data.

‘The high-quality research conducted in Finland also attracts new talent in the growing sector,’ Koskinen says.

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Academy of Finland’s 2023 statistics on the state of scientific research


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