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Partitioning is a modern way to dissolve the joint ownership of a real property unit

Joint ownership is often a functioning way to own a real property unit, but if you want to dissolve the joint ownership, it can be done. In the background, there is often an owner's wish to get a piece of land for themselves, which they can look after and use as they please and which they can sell if they want.

Talo, jonak edessä on heinikkoa.
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Joint owners can agree on the partitioning through a partitioning agreement, which must comply with the same requirements in form as a deed of sale. If you want to leave the valuation of the value of the real property and the division of property units to be done by a specialist, partitioning is an easy and practical solution.

The customers' wishes are taken into account as well as possible

With three decades of experience and after almost 200 partitioning surveys, cadastral surveyor (MSE) Juha Kemppainen from the National Land Survey of Finland defines partitioning as a modern cadastral survey where the customer's perspective is taken into account.

"At the initial meeting, we listen to the customers' wishes. We can accommodate them to a great extent."

"After this, the cadastral survey proceeds like a train. During the winter, however, it's not possible to take measurements in the terrain. Therefore, the season affects the speed of the proceedings especially here in Northern Finland," says Kemppainen who works in Kuusamo.

After the initial meeting, the boundary markers of the real property units are measured, and the property is valued in euros. After that, a fair partitioning plan is drawn up. The plan is presented to all parties, the proposal can be commented, and wishes of change can be expressed. After the plan is ready, the new boundaries will be marked in the terrain and necessary rights will be granted. Thereafter, the owners van start using their own plots of land.

In a partitioning, things are settled according to a "total service" principle

A partitioning is a fast and affordable method especially when the joint property consists of several types of property, such as shore, forest, and buildings, or if several new property units will be formed in the partitioning.

Thanks to the development of technology and e-services, the costs of a partitioning have declined. The price of a partitioning is fixed, so someone who considers partitioning can evaluate the relation between costs and benefits in advance.

Juha Kemppainen says that people may consider the costs high at the beginning of a cadastral survey, but attitudes often change as the work proceeds.

"The reason may be that the parties see what all they get from this. In a partitioning, the property is inventoried and its value defined, boundary markers are put in place, and boundaries are cleared if needed, as well as necessary rights, such as rights of way, are granted. Moreover, the customers get their own real property unit which they can look after and use as they please."

More information

Price list of partitioning and instructions for applying for a cadastral survey (in Finnish, Swedish, and Sami)

Owners of jointly owned real property units can find out their own situation and need for partitioning at the National Land Survey's customer service.

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