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Price changes at the National Land Survey of Finland as of 1 January 2024

The National Land Survey of Finland will change its pricing as of 1 January 2024. The prices will be increased due to the increase in the general level of costs, which has been faster than expected in 2023. Another factor behind the change of apartment ownership and registration prices is that the transfer of lists of shares seems to focus towards the end of the transitional period more than expected.

Arto Arvilahti

The prices of the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) are cost prices. This means that they cover the associated costs but do not generate any profit. These prices will remain valid for one or two years, depending on the decree on charges applied.

Cadastral survey charges

Cadastral survey charges will increase by an average of 8.4 per cent. The decree on charges that became valid in the beginning of 2023 was decreed for 2023–2024. However, the cost price value required by the regulations could not be reached with the charges listed in the decree, and a new decree was compiled for 2024.

The most common cadastral procedure is the parcelling of an unseparated parcel of 0.1–1 hectare, which will cost €1,320 as of 1 January 2024. The price increase is €100.

Services for property owners

Prices of services related to property ownership and registration will increase by an average of 6 per cent, and the prices of services related to apartment ownership and registration by 9.5 per cent.

Prices of our most frequently purchased services from the start of 2024:

  • The registration of ownership of a property (a title): €161 per property.
  • The registration of a mortgage to a property: €44 in print and €25 electronically.
  • The transfer of an electronic mortgage deed: €23 in writing and €15 electronically.
  • The registration of a special right: €161
  • The registration of the ownership of an apartment: €69 per apartment.
  • The registration of pledging an apartment: €30.

New paid services starting from 1 January 2024:

  • Transferring a list of shares via the National Land Survey’s online service: €101.
  • Submitting a list of shares to the National Land Survey for maintenance cleanup: €110 per hour, minimum charge one hour.
  • Correcting an error occurred in the transfer of the maintenance of a list of shares: €110 per hour.
  • Excerpt of a list of shares, purchased through customer services: €18.

Land Information Service and interface services

The prices of the Land Information Service will increase an average of 7 per cent. The increases apply to service charges and product prices determined based on the NLS payment decision. The prices of extracts from the cadastre and title and mortgage register certificates will not change.

Prices of our most popular services as of 1 January 2024:

  • Maintenance fee €16.37 per username per month
  • Basic information of the register unit €0.68.
  • Data in the purchase price register: €1.50.

The prices of interface services increase by 7 per cent. The price increases will apply to both material and maintenance charges. Regarding open materials, only the maintenance charge applies, and the authority agreements on free-of-charge property data and material exchange will remain unchanged.

From the beginning of 2024, the price changes will apply to the following services:

  • Archive documents search service (REST)
  • Geocoding service (REST)
  • Map image service (WMS)
  • Map image service (WMTS)
  • Land information query service OGC API Features
  • Property transaction search service (WFS)
  • Building data query service (WFS)

The use of interfaces will always be charged afterwards, in January of the following year. For example, the use of interfaces in 2023 will be invoiced in January 2024, applying the prices set for 2023.

The valid price lists related to the services can be found on our website in connection to the interface services’ descriptions or on the price list page.

Other products

The prices of the National Land Survey of Finland’s other products will increase by 6–7 per cent, on average. The price increase of individual products may be higher due to their cost structure.

Changes to the most frequently purchased services for private persons:

  • Document or survey map as a file: €16.
  • Document or survey map as an A3 printout: €17.60.
  • Document or survey map as an A4 printout: €17
  • An A4–A2 map printout as a file through the online service: €19.80.
  • An A4 map printout ordered through customer services: €31.90.
  • An A3 map printout ordered through customer services: €37.40.
  • Extensive archive reviews: €101.20, minimum charge 15 minutes, €25.30.
  • Ownership and address data: 1–6 pcs, €25.30.
  • Ownership and address data, more than 6 pcs, €3.85.
  • More detailed ownership review: €125.50 per hour.
  • Detachment of plot plan data for the area of one real estate: €64.70.

The National Land Survey’s product and service fees are based on the decrees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as well as the National Land Survey’s payment decision. The decrees and payment decision will be published on the Finlex service:

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