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Price list

ProductPrice without VAT, euros (€)
Basic calibration instrument and one levelling rod840,00
Basic calibration instrument and two levelling rods1 260,00
Calibration at three temperatures, instrument and one levelling rod1 260,00
Calibration at three temperatures, instrument and two levelling rods1 790,00


Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Cadastral surveyor's tasks, EUR per hour
134,00 166,16
Other tasks related to cooperation with municipalities, EUR per hour
107,00 132,68
Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Real estate impact assessment, EUR per hour
107,00 132,68
Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Other expert services, EUR per hour
120,00 148,80
Drafting a deed of transfer in conjunction with a cadastral survey
270,97 336,00

Ordered tasks include tasks related to the incorporation of partnerships and the processing of expropriation permits granted by a third party. The hourly charge includes all costs derived from ordered tasks (such as meeting room rent, costs for printed advertising, travel tickets and kilometre allowances). The travel time required to perform an ordered task carries the same hourly charge.

GNSS – real-time station data's monthly price € per station is determined by the number of stations and the table below.

Stations / monthPrice € (excl. VAT)Price € (incl. VAT)
More than 89 stations100,00124,00
Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Spatial data ordered tasks, EUR per hour
120,00 148,80

Topographic data and cadastral index map materials

Laser scanning data, Reference points, Elevation models, Aerial photos, Ortho images, Topographic database, Basic map raster, Road names, Topographic map rasters 1:50,000–1:500,000, Topographic maps 1:100,000 and 1:250,000, Background map series, General maps 1:1,000,000 and 1:4,500,000, General map rasters 1:1,000,000, 1:2,000,000, 1:4,500,000, and 1:8,000,000, Nomenclature products (including place names and map names) and Municipal division products 1:10,000–1:4,500,000, as well as the property boundaries and identifiers of the cadastral index map can be used with the free licence.

The free licence is for private and commercial use, publication, sub-licensing and incorporation of the materials into another product or service.

The downloader’s contact information is collected in connection to the download.

The printed maps, printouts and printout files from the National Land Survey’s topographic datasets are subject to a fee.

Data deliveries are always subject to a processing fee that is mentioned in the material’s details.

Authorities’ licence

The purchase price register data is available to the government authorities at the cost of detachment. The purchase price register data can be used for teaching and research purposes at a 90% discount. Detachment costs will also be charged.

The purchase price register and cadastral register data are only handed over to the authorities for the purpose of carrying out the official tasks of the organisation in question. The agency’s or body’s official tasks are laid down by law, regulation or a similar provision. If the authority has other than official duties, they will have to pay normal data access authorisation fees in accordance with the current price list for the materials they acquire for these other purposes.

The pricing does not apply to extracts, printouts, printed maps or scanned materials.

The materials can also be used in publications related to official duties. However, the authorisation to publish does not apply to online services. For them, the authorisation to publish is issued on a case-by-case basis.

The authority must inform the National Land Survey of its official duties in writing so that the detachment fees can be priced. 

Educational use refers to public degree programmes, and research use refers to research where the results are made public.

Support for the digital data of the National Land Survey will solve any cases requiring interpretation.

Trial use of Building Information Query Service (WFS)

The trial use of the Building Information Query Service (WFS) does not carry a maintenance fee. 

Educational institution discounts

Educational institution discounts do not apply to detachment and licence fees for map datasets. Educational instituion discounts can use model datasets. 

Available only through the map image service (WMS).

The materials are free of charge.

Product Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
NLS map textile
23,07 28,60
FINLAND map textile
22,18 27,50