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6Aika: Open city model as open innovation platform (AKAI)

EUThe project seeks to address the problems caused by the closed systems used by cities: the cities and their partners are too dependent on the closed GIS systems and their providers, and the lack of open interfaces in the GIS systems prevents their exploitation in open innovation by other parties.

The objective of the project is to develop an open innovative platform based on a collaborative 3D city model. Its open and extensible data model makes the platform and the applications implemented atop the platform and their providers independent of closed GIS systems and their closed data models. The upcoming open platform enables the development of applications and services by companies, research and educational organizations, cities, citizens and third sector that are based on the open collaborative 3D city model. The possibilities provided by the open platform will be piloted at pilot sites where open collaborative 3D city models will be built and prototype services demonstrating their capabilities will be developed and trialled.

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Source of EU funding: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (European Regional Development Fund ERDF, Sustainable growth and employment 2014-2020 programme)
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University of Oulu
Aalto University