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ENHANCE – Enabling Harbor to Harbor Autonomous Shipping in Sea Ice Conditions

The ENHANCE project aimes to demonstrate situational awareness of autonomous vessels using artificial intelligence (AI) based detection and identification of sea-ice features. This is done by visual- and infrared wavelength cameras accompanied by GNSS positioning, which will give a baseline to validate the performance of AI and camera-based approach. 

Secondly, the project will study the impact of interference to GNSS and EGNOS signals on the overall sensor assembly. There have been reports of isolated ‘gaps’ in GNSS signal coverage in the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn. ENHANCE data campaign aims to locate these gaps to study further the mechanisms that enable the formation of these gaps. In case no gaps are detected in the real-data, the artificial outages will be simulated in the recorded GNSS data to study their effect on the sensor assembly.

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maritime safety
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European Space Agency (ESA)
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Aalto university
Fleetrange Oy