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Evaluation and demonstration of array database management systems using national geospatial data (RDA-ArrayDB)

In the project RDA-Array DB, we will evaluate two array database management systems (DBMSs) using national geospatial data. The aim is also to demonstrate, how those systems store and retrieve multidimensional geospatial information, and how they carry out simple geospatial analysis tasks. The evaluations will be based on the criteria set by the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Array Database Assessment Working Group and domain-specific benchmarks created by us.

In general, RDA alliance develops infrastructure and community activities to reduce the social and technical barriers to data sharing and re-use. RDA promotes data driven innovation worldwide. Our project is formally a subproject of the H2020-funded RDA-EU3 project, which is building a European consortium for RDA as a Coordination and Support Action (CSA). The RDA-EU3 project promotes the RDA mission in Europe and supports a stronger participation of Europeans in RDA.

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