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GEARS – Galileo Authenticated Robust Timing System

In addition to position data satellite navigation provides very accurate timing information, and it is used in many applications for time determination. Satellite navigation signals have a low power level and are therefore prone to different kinds of disturbance. In the project Galileo Authenticated Robust Timing System (GEARS) the goal is to develop a timing receiver that utilizes the European Galileo satellite positioning system and takes into account various fault scenarios with the signals. The main target group for GEARS-receiver is the critical infrastructure that requires time synchronization, such as electric grids, telecommunications networks, and financial sector. In these applications faulty time information may be harmful the society or cause significant financial loss.

GEARS project is being funded by European GNSS Agency (GSA) and it lasts two years. Project is coordinated by Orolia (France). Other participants in the project are, in addition to Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), FDC (France), NavCert GmbH (Germany), and NLR (Netherlands).

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