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Multipublishing in supporting leisure outdoor activities (MenoMaps)

The aim of this Tekes- project is to carry out research on the utilization of multipublishing for the purpose of outdoor activities. The project is carried out in co-operation between the Finnish Geodetic Institute, Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, School of Design. Printed graphic maps, newspapers, web, mobile phones etc. all together constitute an interface to information on nature. These concepts are not strictly speaking co-ordinating: the web can be seen as a meta-media or environment that incorporates the other media.The aim is to develop this (meta) user interface so that hikers would be provided by an easy-to-use, useful, challenging and entertaining user experience. In terms of contents, the focus of study is on efficient utilization of spatial information based on the use of new, high-resolution data collection methods and community-based approaches. Among high-resolution spatial information, particularly digital landscape and other 3D models, as well as digital airial photos of the terrain and its features, based on laser scanning are utilized. The FGI’s test environment in Nuuksio for ubiquitous services is utilized for the project. In the project, a prototype approach is used, involving the construction of a web service prototype, suitable for delivering data for mobile devices. An application of outdoor activities is implemented. The content and mode of presentation are also adapted for use with an ordinary web browser. Within the project, methods are developed also for the adaptation of printed graphic maps for hikers to meet new requirements, with emphasis on special 3D techniques. The starting point is that the same basic content is used in printed maps as well. The project results as a method frame for utilizing spatial information in multipublishing. The main outcome will be a service prototype for delivering spatial data for mobile and web users with an application on outdoor activities.

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