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The MyGeoTrust -project is one of Tekes’s Strategic research openings which are bold research projects aspiring for big breakthroughs, creating high-level competences and aiming for the creation of significant new areas of business growth.

The MyGeoTrust project aims to revolutionize crowdsourcing of mobile data. Currently, companies such as Google and Apple are collecting data from millions of mobile phone and tablet users, including location data. Many people are not aware that such data is being collected from their devices, even if it was mentioned in the fine print. Most companies are not very transparent about what kind of data they are collecting and what happens to it after it leaves your device. MyGeoTrust -project aims to change this situation by showing that there is a more responsible way to crowdsource mobile data.

The vision of MyGeoTrust is to create an alternative mobile platform for location-based services that ensures excellent privacy protections for its users. We call this “privacy by design”. We also aim to build up a strong relationship of trust with our user community. Our primary method of trust building is being transparent about what we are doing. We call this “trust through transparency”. Putting these concepts together, we believe we can bring about a transformation in the ecosystem of crowdsourced mobile data.

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