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Quick-response Uncertainty-aware Geocomputation for Very Large Datasets (Quick-GIS)

The Quick-GC project has two main objectives:

1) To develop high-performance computing methods for uncertainty-aware environmental geocomputation. With the aid of high- performance computing fast interactive geospatial tools could be taken into everyday use, even for very large environmental data sets. The algorithms will be parallelized for multi-GPGPU computing clusters. For scalability, particular attention is paid to efficient spatial partitioning and load balancing.

2) To develop and test interoperable data access for open, high-performance geocomputation. Open, flexible and efficient access to large gridded and non-gridded data is needed for both input and output data in high-performance geocomputation. Quick-GC project will develop methods for using open, interoperable interfaces to access very large datasets over Internet. The applicability of these access methods for high-performance computing environment will be tested.

Research groups
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Academy of Finland
Project partners
Åbo Akademi University