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Topographic data system: methods for effective and multifaceted use (MaastoArray)

We investigate in the project new ways to use the laser scanning elevation data and for example the topographic database to make different analyses more efficient and more reliable. One central research topic is the generation of a hydrologically valid elevation model using for example the road network from the topographic database in addition to the laser scanning data. The main goal is to locate and modify the elevation data as automatically as possible in the locations where the flow of the surficial water is modeled erroneously using only the elevation data. These locations include for example culverts, which are not visible in the laser scanning data.

The analyses require one to deal with large amounts of data and the traditional file based approach renders the workflow cumbersome and susceptible to user errors. For raster data specific databases (Array Databases) have been developed to remedy the situation. In this project the applicability of such databases to store the results of the analyses are studied.

laser scanning
Topographic database
array database
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