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Urban morphology and atmospheric boundary layer modelling (CityClim)

In this project, urban local weather, flux and air quality will be modeled and demonstrated in higher accuracy and resolution than before. The project will produce morphological databases of central Helsinki for LES (large eddy simulation) and general micro-meteorological and air-quality modelling purposes. In addition, it is expected to provide new knowledge about the optimal level of morphological information, its level of description and resolution needed for micro-meteorological applications (quality versus cost). Such information is useful not only for the future development of urban morphology databases for other cities but also for users of the existing databases. The project is implemented in cooperation of FGI and Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

The task of FGI in the project is to develop a morphological database containing three 3D models with different level of description (LoD) of an urban are: 1) SAR based model (low LoD), 2) ALS based model, and 3) integrated ALS- and MLS-based high-LoD model. The LoD and resolution of the morphology database will be systematically studied.

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