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VALUE II - Update of the Finnish drainage basin system, phase 2

The Finnish drainage basin register is one of the most important geospatial datasets maintained by the environmental administration. It serves the needs of water management, conservation and research, as well as national and international reporting and information system work related to water resources. The current drainage basin system does not fulfil the needs of various user groups and the new requirements that are set by i.a. water management. In VALUE I, concept for the forthcoming national drainage basin system was defined and recommendations for the analysis methods and data sets were given. In addition, prototype for the computational tool taking into account the location-dependent DEM uncertainty was created. In VALUE II the aim is to create uncertainty-aware catchment delineations for number of representative geomorphological regions of Finland and share them to the end-users as part of the metadata. In addition, research on possibilities of GPU-computing to resolve the task was started. VALUE II is a co-operation between Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

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