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Amalgamation and exchange

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Product Maximum area (hectares) Price € (excl. VAT) Price € (incl. VAT)
Land exchange
0,1 1 120,00 No VAT
1 1 320,00 No VAT
5 1 630,00 No VAT
20 1 990,00 No VAT
60 2 540,00 No VAT
100 3 000,00 No VAT
200 4 160,00 No VAT
300 5 380,00 No VAT
400 6 780,00 No VAT
500 8 180,00 No VAT
Each consequent starting 100 ha740,00No VAT

The cadastral survey fee for the exchange of land is based on the total area of the exchanged areas.


The owners of properties A and B have agreed to exchange land. The area to be exchanged from property A is 0.5 ha, and 0.6 ha from property B. The topographic work will be performed in connection to the meeting, with the parties involved acting assistants. The cadastral surveyor will bring the boundary markers.


  • The price is determined from the table and on the basis of the total area of the areas to be exchanged (1.1 ha). The fee is €1,630.
  • The boundary marker costs are included in the fee. The price is not affected by using the parties involved as assistants. Usually, each property owner pays half the cost.