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Other cadastral surveys

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Other surveys than those with a fixed price are time-based, both when they are performed separately and in connection to other surveys. Their cadastral survey fees depend on the working time, in accordance with the table below. The list is not exhaustive.

The hourly charge for hourly-based surveys includes

  • boundary marker costs
  • meeting room costs
ProductPrice € (excl. VAT)Price € (incl. VAT)
Road survey110,00 €No VAT
Railway survey110,00 €No VAT
Mining survey110,00 €No VAT
Regional private road survey110,00 €No VAT
Suojelualuekiinteistön muodostaminen110,00 €No VAT
Reorganisation110,00 €No VAT
Property definition110,00 €No VAT
Employing a surveyor of the National Land Survey as an assistant43,00 €No VAT

Other costs and reimbursements incurred for the survey, such as assistant costs and expert fees, are charged separately.

The hourly charge for the time-based survey fee is usually the hourly rate valid at the time the work is performed.