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The National Land Survey promotes ten new acts of sustainability in 2024

Acts of sustainability are concrete development measures with which the NLS can increase the handprint of the work it does for the benefit of society and reduce the footprint of the negative impact of its operations. While the acts of sustainability will also be in the spotlight for one year, they will also be continued in the following years as part of basic activities.

Anriika Kauppi

Implementing the acts of sustainability is part of the NLS’s Responsibility for the Earth sustainability programme.

‘The acts of sustainability implement the goals of the NLS’s sustainability programme in practice and highlight our sustainability activities. The NLS aims to continue its ambitious sustainability activities, and sustainability will also be an integral part of our new strategy, which we will release soon,’ says Mirva Kipinoinen, Director of Communications and Sustainability.

Proposals for acts of sustainability for 2024 were collected from the management teams of the NLS’s units and directly from the personnel. Different proposals were also recorded during the year. The proposals were used to select the acts that cover all themes of the sustainability programme and are sufficiently ambitious to be promoted during the year.

Acts of sustainability for 2024

The NLS’s sustainability programme consists of four themes.

As acts of sustainability under the ‘Data to serve society’ theme, the NLS will promote the joint use of geospatial data, increase the benefits of cooperation in the public and geospatial data sectors using open source solutions, and support the protection of World Heritage Sites and the planning of regional land use using the National Topographic Database.

The ‘People who feel well’ theme promotes and supports diversity in the personnel through the anonymous recruitment trial and personnel training.

The acts of sustainability under the ‘Sustainable environment’ theme are related to the calculation of the carbon footprint and decreases in travel.

In the ‘Sustainable way of working and economic sustainability’ theme, the NLS will improve and develop a customer-driven language, increase transparency and proactivity in procurement, and prepare a plan on how sustainability can be addressed as a built-in part of development activities.

The NLS is committed to promoting a total of 50 acts of sustainability by the end of 2027. It has already promoted 30 acts of sustainability in previous years. More information about all acts of sustainability is available on the following pages at the NLS website:

Data to serve society
People who feel well
Sustainable environment
Sustainable way of working and economic sustainability

Further information

Mirva Kipinoinen, Director of Communications and Sustainability, +358 50 471 9367,



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