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Rights of way and rights of use

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Since the beginning of 2020, the pricing of private road and easement surveys has become fixed, and surveys are invoiced in accordance with the table below. However, surveys applied for before 2020 will be invoiced according to the working hours used.

The cadastral survey fee is based on the sum of the fees indicated in tables A and B when the survey includes the establishment, modification or termination of rights, or other equivalent measures. If a road unit calculation is made in the survey, an additional fee is imposed from table C.


Table A, number of encumbered parties
Maximum number of encumbered register units per surveyPrice € (excl. VAT)Price € (incl. VAT)
2910,00No VAT
51 300,00No VAT
101 640,00No VAT
201 980,00No VAT
502 220,00No VAT
Each consequent starting group of 10160,00No VAT
Table B, length
The maximum total length of road and other rights in the survey, kmPrice € (excl. VAT)Price € (incl. VAT)
0,2300,00No VAT
0,5580,00No VAT
1870,00No VAT
21 140,00No VAT
51 440,00No VAT
Each consequent starting 1 km80,00No VAT
Table C, road unit calculation devised in the survey
Maximum number of road shareholdersPrice € (excl. VAT)Price € (incl. VAT)
10430,00No VAT
20870,00No VAT
401 290,00No VAT
Each consequent starting group of 10150,00No VAT
  1. A cadastral survey fee is only imposed for the termination of a road or other right, if the same survey does not create or modify the rights in question. In such cases, the fee for the termination of the right is based on tables A and B. 
  2. The length of the right that affects the price is the length of the longest side or equivalent in the case of a regional right, such as the right to a boat shore or to take water. 
  3. If the survey only concerns the preparation and confirmation of a road unit calculation, the cadastral survey fee is €910 plus the fee determined in table C. 
  4. If the survey does not concern the establishment, modification or termination of a right or a similar matter, the cadastral survey fee is €1 220. Such measures include those referred to in section 71, subsection 1 and parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the Private Roads Act. If the same survey deals with such a measure and a right is created, modified or terminated, or something similar is done, the fee will be only based on tables A and B. If a road unit calculation is made in connection to such a measure, an additional fee will be charged from table C. 
  5. The payment is 50% of the amount indicated in tables A and B, and of the payment referred to in section 4 when the survey is based on a written agreement that agrees on all and is submitted with the application


In favour of properties A, B, C and D, a total of 0.8 km of right-of-way will be established in the area of properties E, F, G and H. The application was not based on a written agreement.


  • On the basis of the number of encumbered properties and table A above, the fee is €1300, and
  • on the basis of the total length of the rights and table B, €870,
  • which makes the total €2,170.